• कच्चे घर पक्के इरादे

  • Education is right of

    every child

  • Education is most

    powerful tool

Mission & Goals

To work towards creating a better India by providing education and empowerment to the young minds living in roots to make them leaders for a better tomorrow

Coaching for Students

Parmartham is providing Coaching to the children from under-privileged families and society, for classes 5th – 10th in our institutes, for subjects like Maths, Science, English etc.

IIT/NEET Preparation

Parmartham is providing resident coaching to the students of 11th - 12th for the preparation of competitive exams like IIT, NEET etc.

Sanskar in Students

Parmartham is currently have 250+ Sanskar Kendras where the children from underprivileged societies are gathered every day and provided education and moral values along with soft skills

Vocational Education

Parmartham is providing the Vocational Education to children from the backward areas and under-privileged societies which is strengthening them to follow their passion, become responsible and also helping their families. Courses like playing musical instruments, sewing and stitching, art and crafts are most pursued